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New incentives for the acquisition of eco-sustainable vehicles.

The resources allocated in the new decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, go to support investment initiatives of road haulage companies on behalf of third parties active in Italy, which intend to renew / adapt their vehicle fleet in an eco-sustainable manner, enhancing the elimination of the most obsolete means.

The resources allocated by the Ministry provide for a maximum limit of 50 million euros for the two-year period 2021-2022, respectively 25 million for 2021 and 25 million for 2022. For each type of investment, the following amounts are allocated:

  • 5 million for the acquisition of new factory commercial vehicles, used for the transport of goods and mass, with full loads equal to or greater than 3.5 tons with alternative traction to methane, liquefied natural gas, hybrid and electric. The contribution ranges from a minimum of € 4,000.00 to a maximum of € 24,000.00 for the purchase of electrically-powered vehicles;

  • 35 million for the radiation for the scrapping of commercial vehicles with a total mass equal to or greater than 3.5 tons, with the simultaneous acquisition of new commercial vehicles from the factory (at least Euro 6). The contribution ranges from a minimum of € 3,000.00 (for light vehicles) to a maximum of € 24,000.00;

  • 10 million for the acquisition of trailers and semi-trailers  


For the contributions envisaged by this decree, cumulation with other public subsidies is excluded.

The maximum admissible amount per single company cannot exceed the threshold of 550,000 euros. If the recognized amount exceeds this limit, it is reduced until the permitted threshold is reached. The purchased goods cannot be alienated, leased or rented and must remain in the full availability of the beneficiary for at least three years from the date of purchase.

The benefit can be booked with deadlines and procedures that will be published on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructures. Only a copy of the vehicle acquisition contract is required, but the eligibility of the grant remains subject to the proof of completion of the investment.

Companies that demonstrate, in addition to the acquisition of new alternative powered vehicles, also the radiation for the scrapping of obsolete vehicles, will receive an increase in the contribution of 1,000 euros for each scrapped vehicle.

The resources allocated by the Decree are very limited. It is desirable that an increase is expected in the short term.  

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