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Realizing your ideas is our goal.  To achieve this, we make sure that all opportunities are seized to create new value for your business. ​​

  • We develop Business Plans, strategic plans and control mechanisms

  • We plan extraordinary operations: mergers, demergers, contributions and spin-offs of companies or company branches, transformations, purchase or sale of companies

  • We assist and advise our clients in Leveraged / Management buy out operations

  • We develop and implement management control systems

  • We manage periodic Budgeting and Reporting systems

  • We carry out corporate restructuring and liquidation plans

  • We provide consultancy relating to the IT and e-commerce sector

Tax and Fiscal Consultancy

We take care of tax obligations by offering advice and continuous updating on periodic news to adapt your activities to new needs:  


  • Assistance and advice on direct and indirect taxes

  • Tax consultancy

  • Assistance in tax litigation

  • Assistance in relations with the Tax Administration

  • Tax audit

  • Telematic services for the fulfillment of tax obligations

Administrative Consultancy

We manage corporate obligations and periodic deadlines.

Among the activities carried out:

  • Incorporation of companies

  • Accounting and financial statements

  • Real estate management

  • Transfer of shares or company shares

  • Tax returns

  • Electronic submissions, company inquiries and Chamber of Commerce certificates

  • Domiciliations of Italian and foreign companies

Audit Area

We verify the adequacy of the company structure, organization and management to ensure stable company performance and protect all stakeholders.


  • Participation in Boards of Statutory Auditors

  • Development or improvement of control systems

  • Positions of Independent Director

  • Development or implementation of Corporate Governance systems

  • Audit

  • We carry out tax and accounting due diligence activities

  • We carry out company appraisals and estimates

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